What is Share Your Care?

A new system for sharing information for residents in Berkshire, parts of Surrey and Hampshire which allows instant, secure access to your health and social care records for the professionals involved in your care

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find out which organisations are sharing information about you.

What does this mean for me?

Your local NHS and social services teams have put together this website to provide information about the Share Your Care campaign and the computer system that supports it. Find out how we hope to improve the care you receive, thanks to shared records access, and how we’re working hard to keep your personal information secure. 

Is my information secure?

More than 12,000 health and social care professionals in Berkshire and parts of our neighbouring counties could eventually have access to your records thanks to Share Your Care, so it is vital that the right controls are in place to protect your personal information. Your records are stored in a highly secure professional data centre in England and only those directly involved in your care can access information about you.

About Share Your Care

Eighteen health and social care organisations are behind Share Your Care. Together, we care for more than over one million residents of Berkshire and areas of Surrey and Hampshire.

This website tells you everything you need to know about Share Your Care. You do not need to do anything further if you are happy for your information to be shared locally with the people who look after you.

Frequently asked questions

We regularly update this website with questions people have asked about Share Your Care. For the full list of questions and answers, and to find out how to suggest a question for publication, see frequently asked questions.

A wide range of health and social care organisations in Berkshire are part of Share Your Care. Find out which organisations are involved.

Only patients who are registered with a GP practice in Berkshire will have their GP information included in Share Your Care.

Yes. You have the right, under the Data Protection Act 1998, to request access to any information that organisations like the NHS hold about you.

This includes copies of paper, electronic and hybrid patient health records. For more information about how to view your health care or social care records, please visit your local authority or NHS Trust website.