Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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A wide range of health and social care organisations in Berkshire and parts of Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire are partners of Share Your Care. Find out which organisations are involved.

We can improve the quality of care for everyone in who resides in the areas that are covered by the Share Your Care thanks to shared records access. Find out more about what Share Your Care means for you.

You may have heard of other, similar projects in other areas. However, Share Your Care, and the Connected Care computer system that supports it, is unique to our local area.

Each organisation will keep its own record about you. For example, everyone who is registered at a GP practice will have a record kept at that practice.

If you attend a local hospital, they will create their own record about you, and the same for social care services. Many of these records are now held electronically, which means that we can now start to bring all the information together in one place for a fuller picture to support your care needs.

Currently patients who are registered with a GP practice in Berkshire and Surrey Heath CCG areas that have their GP information included in Share Your Care.  As the project expands and more partners come on line, this will grow and expand.

For health and social care organisations to be able to keep records about you, by law they must comply with the Data Protection Act. All staff members within these organisations receive training on their responsibilities under the Act.

Your record is kept on a secure database and is never shared with anyone who is not directly involved in your care. Every time anyone accesses your record, a log is kept of who they are and what they looked at.

Use of your information is governed by existing rules and regulations to protect patient confidentiality. The NHS takes data management and security of confidential information very seriously.

Information used to Share Your Care, like all confidential patient data, will never be made public, used for advertising, or sold. Professionals accessing your information are subject to the existing codes of conduct for NHS and local authority staff, which means they must respect patient privacy and keep all information about you safe.

For more information about how the NHS handles your health records visit NHS Choices.

Yes. You have the right, under the Data Protection Act 2018, to request access to any information that organisations like the NHS hold about you.

This includes copies of paper, electronic and hybrid patient health records. For more information about how to view your health care or social care records, please visit your local authority or NHS Trust website.

Some sensitive information is withheld from your shared record. There is no national standard as to what should and should not be filtered out when medical data is being shared.

However, an Information Sharing Framework for Share Your Care is in place to ensure the appropriate exclusions are in place to meet legal/statutory requirements and sensitivity concerns.

You are able to opt out completely from Share Your Care and prevent your data being shared on the Connected Care computer system, though please be aware that we do not recommend this. Read more on what happens if you choose to opt out and if you would like to do so, then contact your GP practice who can arrange this for you.

A parent or guardian can request to opt out children under 16 but, ultimately, it is the GP's decision because of their duty of care to the child

If you have previously opted out from Share Your Care, then you can ask your GP practice to change the information on your record so that it can be accessed by the Connected Care system.

Only your GP practice can arrange this; it is not possible for any other professional to access your record or change your opt-out preference for you.