Why share?

You probably expect that the people who look after you already have instant access to relevant information about you. That hasn’t been the case - until now.

Your GP, hospitals, community health, mental health and social care teams could all hold important information about your care, but it has not always been easily available to other parts of your local NHS and care community.

Share Your Care means:

  • key parts of your records are immediately available to everyone who is directly involved in your care
  • every member of your care team can access the information they need to look after you, even if they work for different organisations 
  • you only have to tell your story once.

Share Your Care will also mean safer and faster treatment, reduced duplication of tests and results, and a much more joined-up approach to the care you receive.

A joined-up approach will help us to reduce unplanned admissions to hospital and, for patients who have been admitted, improve discharge times.