What happens if I opt out?

Remember that the same Share Your Care information used by doctors, nurses and other care professionals has previously been shared by letter, fax or telephone. By switching to modern, secure technology everyone benefits from quicker access to information by authorised, qualified and regulated professionals.

You have a right to object to the use of your data, or to restrict its use, however if you do raise an objection or request the use of your data is restricted then:

  • A&E doctors and ambulance staff will not be able to access your records, even in a life or death situation.
  • Out of hours GPs will not be able to access your records.
  • Pharmacists will not be able to check your medication records and prescription history.
  • It will be slower to access your test results and letters.

Objections or restrictions will usually be managed by opting you out of Share Your Care.

The only way to reverse a decision to opt out from Share Your Care is to visit your GP practice and request that your record is changed. 

If you want to opt out then please discuss this decision with your GP at your next routine appointment, before making a formal request. You can find further details of how to opt out (or reverse a decision to opt out) on the Frequently asked questions page.